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GS850 Controller
Productno.: HEGGS851T
Price before  EURPrice290,29  EUR

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New GS850 Controller support with 5 operating modes and various functions as usual, further equipped with built-in PAN, ROLL and TILT gain dials enable immediate attitude compensating reaction based on different weight of photograph equipment. Featuring much higher degree of control precision, response agility and stability is definitely the ideal choice for upgrading G800 Gimbal system.

Instructions:(GS850 Controller)
1. High stability, high precision 3 axis gimbal control system.
2.Equipped with 5 operating modes to meet various aerial photography needs.
Mode 1: 3 axis automatic correction
Mode 2: 2 axis auto neutralization
Mode 3: 3 axis auto neutralization
Mode 4: Manual mode
Mode 5: Rescue Mode
3.New in GS850 gimbal controller are PAN/ROLL/TILT gain adjustments, targeted for carrying different camera payloads can be used to achieve faster and more precise gimbal corrections, elevating the alredy excellent performance of G850 gimbal.
4.Simple setup; only two steps are needed to complete the setup process.
5.Unique Survival Mode: minimizes photo equipment damage during accidents.
6.Support camera zoom in / zoom out function
7.Support shutter control; the GS850 can be used to relay transmitter control signal to control shutter by following the instruction manual to connect shutter cable to GS850 controller.
8.Supports Futaba S-BUS, Spektrum and JR satellite receivers
9.Upgradeable programming interface allowing upgrading of new software through interface cable.
10.Must be used with Align’s APS Gyro and 3GX flybarless system, allowing gimbal control system to achieve high stability and superior controllability.
Must with:(Optional)
GS800 Gimbal Controller Cable Set

Rating Voltage:DC4.8~8.4V
Temperature Range:-20°C~65°C (-4°~140°F )
Operating Current Consumption:55mA@ 6V
Operating Current Consumption:40mA@ 6V
Maximum Control range:(ROLL) ±30°
Maximum Control range:(PAN) ±90°
Maximum Control range:(TILT) ±90°
Maximum Control rotation Speed:(ROLL) 60°/ s
Maximum Control rotation Speed:(PAN) 150°/ s
Maximum Control rotation Speed:(TILT) 150°/ s
Dimension:42.7x 30 x 14.2mm

-3GX MR Double Sided Tape x 1(37x20x2mm)
-Binding Plug × 1
-Plastic flat screwdriver × 1