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Goblin: Discontinued spare parts
Helical 1M Main Gear Z 68  ¤
Productno.: H0012-S
Stock: In stock
20,21  EUR
Helical 1M Pinion 20T #
Productno.: H0013-S
Stock: In stock
5,83  EUR
Pulley  Z 60 #
Productno.: H0014-S
Stock: In stock
12,80  EUR
Locking Collar #
Productno.: H0020-S
Stock: In stock
7,28  EUR
Main Shaft #
Productno.: H0021-S
Stock: In stock
7,41  EUR
Swashplate  ¤
Productno.: H0023-S
Stock: In stock
26,28  EUR
Pulley Z27 #
Productno.: H0049H-S
Stock: In stock
5,39  EUR
Carbon fiber landing gear - Yellow (1pcs) - Goblin
Productno.: H0105-S
Stock: In stock
15,53  EUR
Carbon fiber landing gear - Yellow (2pcs)  ¤
Productno.: H0107-S
Stock: Few in stock
29,11  EUR
Carbon fiber landing gear - RED (1pc) - Goblin 700  ¤
Productno.: H0116-S
Stock: In stock
15,53  EUR
Thick 2.5mm Carbon fiber frame (1pc) - Goblin 700  ¤
Productno.: H0120-S
Stock: In stock
48,51  EUR
Thick 2.5mm Carbon Fiber Side Frame 700 - 630 (2pcs)  ¤
Productno.: H0123-S
Stock: In stock
92,19  EUR
Tail Bolt Retrofit Goblin 630  ¤
Productno.: H0168-6-S
Stock: In stock
3,61  EUR
Tail Bolt Retrofit Goblin 700  ¤
Productno.: H0168-7-S
Stock: In stock
12,63  EUR
Steel Main Linkage - HPS 630/700/Goblin 770  ¤
Productno.: H0170-S
Stock: In stock
13,59  EUR
Main Gear Z62 - Goblin 500  ¤
Productno.: H0209-S
Stock: Few in stock
17,46  EUR
Heavy Duty Main Gear - Goblin 500  ¤
Productno.: H0293-S
Stock: In stock
27,18  EUR
Heavy Duty Main Gear And Pinion - Goblin 500  ¤
Productno.: H0318-S
Stock: In stock
36,88  EUR
Wrench Nuts M8
Productno.: HA005-S
Stock: In stock
9,01  EUR