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Welcome to the Helicopter Specialist



500XT Torque Drive Upgrade Set
Productno.: H50T020XXT
56,78  EUR
MR25 Racing Quad Super Combo - Yellow
Productno.: RM42509XXT
322,04 87,36 EUR
XT60L - Connector pair
Productno.: NW-0105L
2,15  EUR
XT60 Male to EC3 Female Plug Connector (1 pcs)
1,65  EUR
90 Carbon Fiber Tail Blades / 3
Productno.: HQ0900DT
30,58  EUR
550E Three Tail Pitch Assembly
Productno.: H55T009XXT
36,69  EUR
MC8 Battery Multi-Checker
Productno.: MC8
41,00  EUR
5 Packs Opladning Protector
Productno.: NW-1808
26,75  EUR
ADP180 AC/DC Adapter -180w Power Supply
Productno.: 180w Power Supply
46,38  EUR
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