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Welcome to the Helicopter Specialist  


Multi Charger Cable for Charger with XT60 output
3,38  EUR
Align M470 Multicopter Super Combo
Productno.: RM47001XT...
270,14  EUR
RotorTech® Aurora 710mm Carbon Fiber Night Blades
67,56  EUR
Silicone wire 24AWG 0.08 - black (½m)
Productno.: NW-1307B-24B
0,38  EUR
90 Carbon Fiber Tail Blades / 3
Productno.: HQ0900DT
26,34  EUR
EC5 X Connector Male and Female
Productno.: NW-0119
1,35  EUR
550E Three Tail Blade Set
Productno.: H55T005XXT
58,91  EUR
RCE-BL100A Brushless ESC
Productno.: HES10001T
116,81  EUR
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