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Welcome to the Helicopter Specialist



ToolkitRC WM150 Advanced Watt & Power Meter
Productno.: Watt Power Meter
30,95  EUR
RCE-BL100A Brushless ESC
Productno.: HES10001T
127,55  EUR
TB60 6S Combo
Productno.: RH60E26XT
1.317,19  EUR
550E Three Tail Pitch Assembly
Productno.: H55T009XXT
36,68  EUR
DS825 High Voltage Brushless Servo
Productno.: HSD82502T
117,94  EUR
De Luxe RC Solder JIG
Productno.: NW-1802B
47,04  EUR
T-REX 550X Super Combo
Productno.: RH55E18XT
1.230,64  EUR
500XT Torque Drive Upgrade Set
Productno.: H50T020XXT
56,78  EUR
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