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RotorTech® Aurora 710mm Carbon Fiber Night Blades
Productno.: CN267166V2C
Price before  EURPrice67,20  EUR
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Length: 710mm
Width: 63mm
Weight: 208g
Root / Grip Thickness: >=14mm
Hole: 4-5mm
Airfoil: Symmetrical
Tip: Aeroflat
Make: Carbon Fiber
Common Application: 60-90, Gas powered R/C helicopters.
Lights change color while in operation (red, green, blue, yellow).
Removeable / Replaceable power pack (sold separately).
Auto on/off
Different Top and Bottom Light Pattern
Long flight duration.
1x 3D/holographic decal sheet
1x 1mm thick spacer (4mm bolt hole adapter)
4x 2mm thick washers
4x 1mm thick washers