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Wild Scorpion + KDLIPO
Wild Scorpion Nano tech 1300-4S-45C
Productno.: WS-1300-4S
Stock: In stock
10,27  EUR
Wild Scorpion Nano tech 1500-3S-45C
Productno.: WS-1500-3S
Stock: In stock
11,64  EUR
Wild Scorpion Nano tech 1500mAh 14.8V 45C
Productno.: WS-1500-4S
Stock: In stock
13,70  EUR
KDLIPO 850 mah 11.1v 35C
Productno.: KD-850 - 35C - 3S
Stock: Not in stock
10,27  EUR
Li-Po Battery 2S 2800mAh
Productno.: HBP28003T
Stock: Not in stock
14,24  EUR
Li-Po Battery 6S 1850mAh
Productno.: HBP18501T
Stock: In stock
42,73  EUR
Li-Po Battery 6S 5200mAh - 60c
Productno.: HBP52004T
Stock: In stock
112,18  EUR