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YGE 160HV (V4) electronic speed controller (ESC) (4-14)
Productno.: YGE160HV
German quality product.
Price before  EURPrice250,00  EUR
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Technical data:
- The specified current is the maximum continuous full power current.
- 4 to 14s LiPo, with under voltage protection by power reduction.
- 12 to 42 cells NiMH, with under voltage protection by power reduction.
- Disconnectable under voltage detection.
- Optocoupler
- Speed regulation (Governor mode).
- Soft start.
- Active free-wheel, allowing unlimited part load operation.
- Automatic or 6 step adjustable timing.
- Continuously adjustable F3A brake.
- 3 steps adjustable regular back EMF brake.
- Switching rate: 8 to 16 kHz
- Speed limit: 240,000 RPM (2-Pole motors)
- Temperature and overload warning.
- Anti sparkling circuit, decreases the power on spark.
- Programming with the ProgCard II or III