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700 Tail Rotor Holder
Productno.: H70T001AXT
Price before  EURPrice27,98  EUR

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-Use for T-REX 700N/700E/800E。
-Dual radial bearing with thrust bearing design to dramatically increase rudder precision and gyro locking action.
-Must with Torque Tube Rear Drive Gear Set (NH7042A).

-Metal tail rotor holder x 2
-700 Tail rotor hub x 1
-Tail rotor washer x 2(Ø8xØ10x0.3mm)
-Bearing MR106ZZ x 4(Ø6xØ10x3mm)
-Thrust Bearing F5-10M x 2
-M3 Washer x 2(Ø3xØ8x1mm)
-M4 set screw x 1(M4x4mm)
-Socket collar screw x 2(M3x8mm)
-Sokcet collar screw x 2(M3x17mm)
-M3 nut x 2