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Torque Tube Front Drive Gear Set 19T/M1.25
Productno.: HE1G005XXT
Price before  EURPrice16,24  EUR

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●Use for ALIGN E1、T-REX 700/800.
●Newly upgrade high-strength drive gear for E1/ T-REX 800/700. The new torque tube umbrella gear are made of industrial grade fiber composite plastic steel with high rigidity and high wear resistance features. The flight endurance could be over 250 ~ 400 runs for T-REX 800/700 3D flight, and over 500 runs for E1 Agricultural Helicopter.
●ALIGN E1 must with:E1 122T Helical Autorotation Tail Drive Gear(HE1G003XXW).
●T-REX 700/800 must with:102T M1 Helical Autorotation Tail Drive Gear Set(H70G012XXW).

●Front Drive Gear Assembly x 1 (M1/23T)(Φ5xΦ7.8x53mm)
●Short Umbrella Gear x 1 (M1.25/19T)
●Long Umbrella Gear x 1 (M1.25/19T)
●Bearing(6706ZZ) x 2 (Φ12xΦ18x4mm)
●Tail Drive Gear Spacer(0.3) x 1 (Φ12xΦ15x0.3mm)